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2019 International Conference of KASE
(Korean Association for Science Education)

Talking about science:
Language, discourse and communication in science education

Jan 24 ~ Jan 26, 2019
Korea National University of Education(Cheongjusi, South Korea)

Hotel Information

Value Hotel Sejong City

Value Hotel Sejong City

- Location :

178 Osongsaengmyeong-ro, Osong-eup, Heungdeok-gu, Cheongju-si, Chungcheongbuk-do
Located in an adjacent position the Osong Station (KTX / SRT) & An airport-bus Station.

Value Hotel Sejong City

  • - Located in an adjacent position the Osong Station (KTX / SRT) & An airport-bus Station.
  • - An airport-bus Station (to In-cheon airport) :
  • - In front of "CU" convenience store, can be purchased tickets.
  • - Osong Station <-> Value Hotel Sejong City : 2.62 km, about 5min. (by shuttle bus)
  • - Chungju IC <-> Value Hotel Sejong City : 5.84 km, about 10min.
  • - An airport Chungju <-> Value Hotel Sejong City : 21.05 km, about 30min.


Fitness Center, Business Corner, Coin Laundry

- Room information

⋅ Standard Room (Double / Twin)
- Only for our members : KRW 90,000(Breakfast Included KRW 100,000)

Value Hotel Sejong City

⋅ Deluxe Room (Double / Twin)
- Only for our members : KRW 110,000(Breakfast Included KRW 120,000)

Value Hotel Sejong City

Breakfast : AM 07:00 - AM 10:00

- Homepage :

A Traffic Guide


Via bus

Public Transport Information

( From Incheon Airport To Osong )

Brief information

  • There are two ways to get to the hotel from Incheon International Airport.
  • The hotel is in Osong, Chungcheongbuk-do.
  • The Korean National University of Education is very close to Osong.

1. Bus

  • From the airport bus terminal(T1, T2), you can board the bus to Osong High-tech Complex City.
  • Only four times a day
  • But the distance from the bus stop to the hotel is very close

- Osong high-tech complex city

  • A. First bus : T1 07:35 / T2 07:10
  • B. Last bus : T1 19:10 / T2 18:45
  • C. Fare : Osong high-tech complex city \19,600
  • D. Bus stop title : Sejong, Ochang, Osongdanji
    (Notes on bus confirmation : There is no bus number and area name!)
  • E. Bus Company name : Chungbook Limousine

- Route Schedule

  • A. Bus Schedule(T1) : 07:35 10:40 16:40 19:10
  • B. Bus Schedule(T2) : 07:10 10:15 16:15 18:45

- Route information

- Terminal 1 Bus stop location (1Floor No. 11)

- Terminal 2 Bus stop location (Transportation center Basement 1 No. 7)

Bus last stop : Osongdanji

A. Check map

B. Hotel ↔ KNUE(The Korean National University of Education)

2. Airport Railroad & KTX

  • From Incheon International Airport to Seoul KTX Station, you will use the Airport Railroad.
  • It moves from Seoul KTX Station to Osong Station.
  • Take the taxi from Gate 9 and go to the hotel(Estimated time :5min).
  • There is an advantage that the use time is more free than bus.

Express Train

Express Train is a Premium one that runs nonstop between Incheon Int’l Airport and Seoul Station fastest

  • 1. Journey Time
    • A. Incheon Int’l Airport Terminal 1 ~ Seoul Station : 43Minutes
    • B. Incheon Int’l Airport Terminal 2 ~ Seoul Station : 51Minutes
  • 2. Fare : KRW 9,000
  • 3. Ticketing and boarding location
    • Incheon Int’l Airport Terminal 2 Station:
      Express Train Information Center in 1st basement of Incheon Int’l Transportation Center
    • Incheon Int’l Airport Terminal 1 Station:
      Express Train Information Center in 1st basement of Incheon Int’l Transportation Center
    • Seoul Station : Express Train Information Center in 2nd basement of Seoul Station

Seoul KTX ↔ Osong station

  • 1. Purchase a KTX ticket to Osong from Seoul Station.
  • 2. The estimated time from Seoul Station to Osong Station is 40 minutes.
  • 3. After getting off at the Osong station, you should contact the hotel front desk and ask for a taxi.
    (Hotel front desk request : I am a scholar participating in KASE international conferences. Please call taxi at Gate 8, Osong Station.)
  • 4. Take a taxi from Gate 8.

  • 5. Taxi fares are paid by the KASE(only Invited speaker).

Cultural Visit Activities

(Korean Folk Village)

Brief information

  • After the closing ceremony of the international conference, we will be going on a tour in Korean
        Folk Village.
  • The total time is approximately 5 hours(2 hours of visiting time, 40 minutes of experience time,
         2 hours of travel time).
  • Program time may be changed by schedule and local circumstances.

Korean Folk Village

  • KFV was created with a view to presenting the national culture to local and international tourists by
        collecting in one place the folk customs in our culture that have been passed down for a long time.
  • The Joseon period village in KFV is composed of real houses relocated and reconstructed from different
         parts of the country, thus enacting the culture in daily life through four seasons based on thorough
         historical verification and consultation.
  • Presenting experience-style outdoor exhibitions, craft in daily life continuing traditional methods, and
        seasonal customs marked by solar terms.

Village on Exhibition

Korean Folk Museum

Korean Folk Museum which presents daily life and culture from late Joseon period

Presenting a sweeping view of the life in rural community and traditional culture in daily life in the late Joseon period, TKorean Folk Museum creates a vivid image of the yearly life of four farming families in Yongin that unfolded on the 24 solar terms through four seasons from cradle to grave during the late Joseon period. As an exhibition hall where people can easily learn and experience the traditional culture of the country, Korean Folk Museum is loved by visitors.

Korean Folk Museum

Exhibiting Culture in the Daily Life of Countries of the World

Opened on Sep. 22, 2001, KFV The World Folk Museum is composed of nine permanent exhibition buildings. With 3,000 or so items of cultural heritage collected from the five oceans and seven continents, the Museum provides exhibition areas for different cultures, which present clothing, food, and housing, technology for livelihood, and culture and arts of each country.

Pottery Exhibition Ha

KFV Earthenware Exhibition Hall collects in one single place items of earthenware that provide a peek at the wisdom of our ancestors. First made in the period of Three Kingdoms, earthenware has since been used in close connection with the traditional life of our ancestors and at the same time provides excellent pieces for folk painting and patterns demonstrating artistic beauty. Earthenware Experience Hall, which provides an opportunity to make earthenware carrying natural leisure and richness, is a place loved by families, group or international visitors.

Experience activities

Traditional Mask Workshop

he workshop presents wooden mask craft, which consists in carving paulownia and alder with a knife. A visitor can feel the touch of an artisan who renders with subtle carving the various characteristics of a human. (Demonstration of mask carving craft)

Estimated time : 40 min

Download related KFV

Guide Map(Map PDF)

Leaflet PDF

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